Building Your Organization’s Capacity to Deal with Change

Change is inevitable. Progress is optional. - Tony Robbins


Why Change Essentials?

More than 20 years of experience successfully partnering with senior executives

To drive results as they have led complex changes that involved reorganizations, culture change, systems implementation and process improvement.

Business team
We have experience leading teams and organizations

Combined with highly specialized education in organization development, change management and leadership coaching enables us to understand deeply how organizations and change work.

Collaborative work
Highly collaborative, honest and results-focused

Enabling executives to engage us as trusted advisors while aligning their leadership team, strengthening their resilience and building their commitment to the change.

Case Studies

Our GRACE™ approach to change strengthens employee and leadership engagement, capacity and resilience to deal with the change.

Click below to learn more about some of the results we have generated:

Supporting Senior Executives and HR Leaders Of Training and Employee Development

As they navigate critical organizational changes

While ensuring they and their organization have the capacity and resilience to thrive rather than merely survive.

Time management
Change Management

We demystify change management by partering with senior executives to chart a practical and manageable path from strategy to effective implementation.

Business time management
Capacity Building

We significantly increase the odds of changes sticking in an organization by building organizational capacity to deal with the change.


We partner with executives to build strategy, define OKRs and manage the change associated with effective strategy execution.

Offering Senior Leaders an Honest and Strategic Sounding Board to Make Organizational Changes in Effective Ways

That achieve results while increasing their and their organization’s engagement, capacity and resilience along the way.

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Sara really dove into us and was able to understand and articulate our issues in a way that we weren’t able to. With minimal information she was able to hold up a mirror for us.

Federal Agency
Strategy/Value Proposition Session Leader

Thanks to Change Essentials for the great session. During our team meeting yesterday, people shared how they already successfully applied some of the strategies that they learned. I think we are off to a good start!

Consulting Firm
Advanced Facilitation Strategies Session Participant

Thank you Change Essentials for the amazing workshop. I wanted to share with you some feedback from the team today when I asked them on their reactions from Monday’s workshop – they were big wins. I am so proud that the team took these risks and were brave in trying some new things out!

Consulting Firm
Skill Building Session Participant

Thank you for your team building session. Allowing the environment for folks to share concerns and fears is helpful. I also REALLY appreciate you not allowing folks to abdicate responsibility with supporting staff. You are very insightful. I want to find a way to work with you more as I see great value in your counsel.

Federal Agency
Senior Leader, Strategic Planning Session
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