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Can Culture Change Truly Transform An Organization?

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Implementing a New System or Process Won't Fix A Presenting Issue If There Are Deeper Underlying Cultural Issues To Address

Yes is the simple answer although changing culture is neither simple nor quick!


A small internal financial department of 150 employees needed to change its culture including employee skillsets and mindsets to keep up with the exponential growth of the 5,500 organization it supported

The historically change adverse organization had manual processes and staff who were trained to process financial transactions quickly but not to problem solve complicated financial issues. Faced with exponentially increasing transactions volume, the finance department needed to automate its processes, retrain its staff and become much more consultative in nature.


The change management plan supporting new systems and process changes included an integrated culture change plan that served as a strategic enabler for the other organizational changes.

The organization’s controller quickly realized that automating the manual processes and retraining the staff would not be sufficient to transform the organization – the very fabric of the organization needed to change through a culture change initiative. An integrated culture change approach was born. Highly engaged senior leadership made a clear case for why things needed to change. Ongoing honest communications and culture change management involved employees in voicing their concerns, clarifying their needs and identifying skill gaps and innovative training solutions. Organizational core values were created, implemented and rewarded. Staff that could be retrained were retrained and new staff were added to problem solve complex financial issues in a highly customer service-oriented fashion. A new finance call center and associated finance website were built.


A High Performing Finance Organization Recognized As Best in Class For Customer Service

Staff matched their skills and knowledge to the right kind of work. Employee engagement and morale remained high. New staff were hired to problem solve complex finance issues. A new finance call center was set up. The call center resolved more than 25,000 payment issues per year valued at $97M while maintaining zero turnover.The finance function was recognized as the highest performing internal support organization.

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