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Can Strengthening Leadership Resilience Increase Organizational Commitment?

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Increasing Organizational Commitment AND Resilience

Not to give the plot away but the quick answer to that question is a resounding YES, if strengthening resilience is done right.


The organization faced unrelenting change, a hectic environment, new legislation to implement, and the impact of globalization

Leaders were stressed, overcommitted and burning out. They needed support to strengthen their resilience and sustain their efforts over time.


Design and Implement a Cohort-Based Leadership Resilience Program

We worked with them to design and implement a cohort-based leadership resilience program for up to 70 participants at a time. Participants attended face to face training where key resilience concepts were shared. The design provided opportunities to build relationships across the entire organization. The training was supplemented by 1:1 coaching to deepen individual learning and application. Interactive webinars were offered to expand participant knowledge.


The program had “transformed” their professional and personal lives

Many participants reported on the end of program evaluation that the program had “transformed” their professional and personal lives. They continued to apply what they learned to get profound results. However, most interesting of all was a longitudinal ROI study carried out after 6 cohorts had gone through the resilience program. Results showed that managers who had gone through the program were being retained at a 27% higher rate than managers who had not gone through the program. Their mission commitment was 12% higher than non-participating managers. Participants’ supervisors reported seeing a 60% increase in their resilience capabilities. Remarkable results. The organization continues to sponsor the resilience program to this day. Contact us if you think your organization could benefit from strengthening resilience, commitment and retention!

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