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As dealing with change becomes a regular activity, leading it becomes a skill to hone, an internal capacity to master. - Arnaud Henneville

Over many years of experience at Change Essentials we have defined and refined our approach to managing change

We believe that to enable effective change you need: GRACE™

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Define your desired outcomes

What do you want or need to change? Ideally you identify metrics for success and progress indicators for long term change, i.e. markers to ensure we are on the right track.

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Willingness To Change

Is now the right time to make this change? Are you or your organization ready to make changes? Commitment is key to follow through and success. Where does this change fit in with other changes to make sure we are not overloading the system?

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Your current state

Where are you now? What’s it going to take to get from here to where you want/need to be? You need to build strong self and situational awareness. Analyze your options. Awareness enables choices.

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The right changes

Which changes are the right ones to make? Empower yourself and your organization with the right choices - not all choices are created equal. In complex changes there is some sequencing to be done to drive change effectively as change is not a linear process.

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Align, Communicate and Follow through

Are you able to communicate and then implement the right changes? Follow through is key. Together we evaluate effectiveness, course correct as necessary and work together to sustain the changes.

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Effective Change Management

Generates results at the individual, team and organizational level

At Change Essentials we have led successful change in our own teams and divisions and for our commercial and federal clients. We are committed to your success.


Building organizational capacity and alignment, and strengthening resilience is the hallmark of our approach to effective change management. Whether the change is occurring at the individual, team or organizational level, our experienced staff will partner with you to generate results that last.

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Our GRACE™ approach to change strengthens overall employee and leadership engagement, capacity and resilience to deal with the change.

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We provide highly experienced quality support to senior executives driving changes in their organizations so that they can get the results they want.

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