Running Cohort-Based Leadership Development Programs

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them. - John Maxwell


Highly effective tailored leadership development programs

Enabling Participants To Strengthen Specific Competencies While Building Strong Cross Organizational Relationships

Change Essentials has designed, facilitated and evaluated tailored leadership development programs for commercial and federal organizations. These programs have included 10-75 participants. These highly rated interactive programs have included classroom-based, virtual and blended formats.

Some programs have focused on building specific competencies such as leadership resilience or managing conflict. Other programs focused more broadly on meeting the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) to include leading change, leading people, getting results, building coalitions and business acumen.

The programs have been transformative for many participants and have resulted in more confident leaders who have received a higher rate of promotion and success than their peers.

Our leadership development capacity building process involves:

Partnering with you to assess what will be most beneficial to participants - conducting a needs assessment
Designing a tailored and highly interactive leadership development program best suited to meeting participant and organizational needs
Managing the logistics to execute a smooth program
Ensuring participants have robust development plans
Facilitating the program in structured modules over time to meet organizational capacity building needs
Evaluating outcomes to assess effectiveness and sharing relevant program and organizational insights with you

Assessments such as Myers Briggs, the Conflict Dynamics Profile, Emotional Intelligence (EQ 360) and DiSC as well as 1-1 coaching are integrated to reinforce participant learning.

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Thank you Change Essentials for the amazing workshop. I wanted to share with you some feedback from the team today when I asked them on their reactions from Monday’s workshop – they were big wins. I am so proud that the team took these risks and were brave in trying some new things out!

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Strengthening Executive Team Alignment
You’ve got a critical strategic change to implement in your organization. Strategically you know exactly where you want the organization to go and you know what you want to be different. Now you need to get your executive leadership team on board, aligned with the change and committed to making it a reality. How?
Resilience Programs
Cultivating Resilience® is a highly effective, 4 month virtual, interactive, and research-based development program designed by Change Essentials LLC specifically to strengthen organizational capacity through increased individual resilience.
Developing Teams
Most work these days is being done by teams and yet these same teams are faced with constant changes: members coming and going; limited resources; changing goals and deadlines; not being co-located; organizational restructuring etc.
Providing Individual (1:1) Coaching Services
Sometimes we have to change because the pain of the status quo has become too much for us to bear. Sometimes we have to change to survive. Sometimes we want to change because we are bored of the status quo and want to build our capacity and grow.
Organizational Change
The rate of change facing government and commercial organizations is staggering. Changes can be driven by legislation, new leadership, old structures and processes no longer working, a change in mission/purpose, new systems, an unhealthy culture, or a need to innovate.
Employee Engagement
Strengthening your employees’ engagement is a significant performance enabler. More engaged employees tend to be more productive and willing to go above and beyond. Engaging employees in change is an effective way to increase buy-in and commitment, and ensure the change is done right from their perspective.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)
Change Essentials is committed to creating work environments where individuals and teams of all backgrounds can engage, succeed and thrive. We help people strengthen their awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion through designing and facilitating powerful awareness and skill building programs.
IT Assessment
IT Assessment is a participative 3-month program designed by Change Essentials to baseline the current organizational state, gain employee insights, and collaboratively prioritize IT roadmap.
Strategic Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
Need help implementing Strategic Portfolio Management or Program Management? Your organization has implemented Portfolio or Program Management, but there is growing concern regarding the effectiveness and the value proposition.

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